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When you expose chamber pop to the SoCal sun then add just a dash of desert, what you get is the sound of indie baroque pop band, Wartime Recitals. The young Los Angeles quintet is quickly making a name for themselves thanks to the support of publications like Buzzbands.LA who describe their sound as “loose, heartfelt and exuberant.” On October 7th, 2014, Wartime Recitals released their self-titled debut EP, mixed by veteran producer and engineer Dave Trumfio (Built To Spill, OK Go, Wilco). The EP, produced by the band and recorded at LA’s Kingsize Sound Labs and Vermillion Audio Studios, conveys Wartime Recitals’ jubilant personality with a rotating chamber orchestra of friends on horns, strings, and vocals.  PopMatters calling it “a warm, convivial collection of baroque pop-inflected tunes.”

 “Bad Dances” is the band’s second song ever written and the first recorded for the EP. Lyrically it tells the story of a man who’s captivated by the messiness and frenzy of getting caught up in the moment. “It’s similar to the beginning of a relationship, or the awkwardness of sex with a new partner,” says Wartime Recitals. “The chorus comes in once the relationship gets stale and old; the couple wishes it was like the beginning but it can never quite be that way again.”

 In 2010, Wartime Recitals was formed after Jonathan Krueger (vocals, acoustic guitar) responded to pianist Hugo P.G’s ad on Craigslist to start a new project. After adding bassist Michael Giardina, drummer Thomas Bram, and electric guitarist Joe Cooper, the band self-recorded and released three singles in 2012.

They are currently working on new material to be released later in 2017.